Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth BB8 Deviled Eggs

BB8 Deviled Eggs
My own humble addition to the May the Fourth repertoire! 

Make a mask with tin foil and tap paprika through a sieve.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011



We all need water, but sometimes it doesn't taste very good straight out of the tap.

I have had a Brita sitting on my counter for years, but it is so messy, the kids can barely lift it and I regularly pour it before it has finished filtering and end up with water everywhere.  It could never filter enough to keep up with my family anyway.

I would love a fancy new fridge with a built-in filter and door-front water and ice dispensers...someday!  

My solution for now:  

1 stainless steel 2 1/2 gal. water dispenser
the top piece of a small brita pitcher
Voi la!  a BPA/BPAF-free 
countertop water filtration system.   
Total cost: $30

Now...if I could only get the babies to stop playing with it!

Next step up:  
As a busy mom, I am always looking for ways to make things run more smoothly. (If only I could get my kids to run smoothly too!) I have a lot of fun finding or inventing things to bring more order to my home, save time in the kitchen, and generally keep my busy life from spiraling out of control.

Almost as fun as enjoying my new discoveries is sharing them with my friends.